Sunday, March 4, 2018

In my protected opinion, the descendants of Enrico Fermi should be paid a fortune for nuclear power

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I should mind my own business and not fight for justice.  I should turn my head and pretend not to see when confronted with obvious wrong.  I should say, “it’s not my problem” and move on.   I should just accept injustice as the way of the world and not bother.  But that is not in my nature.  I must fight for justice.  I must speak out.  I must do what is right.

The descendants of Enrico Fermi are being cheated out of a fortune. This is wrong. It is unjust.  Am I the only one who sees this?

 (DISCLAIMER: This is not maintenance or champerty or solicitation of litigation; only a question):  

1.) Enrico Fermi literally invented controlled nuclear energy when he made and patented his reactor, on which design all current nuclear reactors are based. Recently discovered and hitherto unknown evidence proves conclusively that Enrico signed away his patent rights (for a paltry $24,000;  book by Emilio Segre, "Enrico Fermi, Physicist") under duress. Since this evidence was unknown until now there can be no laches defense to a claim by his family against the nuclear industry that the patent assignment made by Enrico is invalid since it was made under duress. Nor was he ever given due process since secrecy concerns at the time prevented him from competently defending his patent. 

2.)  Moreover, it is unclear if Fermi ever signed away his rights to the Canadian patent No. 407,559; hence, he preserved his rights to that patent. 

3.)  Also -- what about the rights to the original 1935 Italian patent: patent number 324458.  To my knowledge, those rights were NEVER assigned.  Has the Fermi family been paid for all of those rights?  All of France and half of Europe is run on controlled nuclear energy.  I doubt that the Fermi family has been paid even a fraction of what is owed to them from Europe for the use of their patent. 

So, why is no claim filed by the Fermi family and why is the Fermi family getting nothing while the nuclear industry rakes in billions of dollars on his invention?  Wouldn’t the multi-billion dollar nuclear industry settle with the Fermi family for a mere couple of billions of dollars rather than risk litigation wherein all rights to nuclear energy could devolve to the Fermi family? Am I the only one who thinks the Fermi family is being cheated??? I’m merely asking. Those are my questions; please, somebody explain.

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