Friday, September 19, 2014

I object to the reposting of my De Pretto book review on websites that I find highly objectionable and which I denounce

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As previously posted on this blog, I, Michael Falotico, wrote a book review some years ago about a book which purported to show that Olinto De Pretto was a precursor to the formula E = mc2.  The book was written in the Italian language by a mathematician, Professor Bartocci of Perugia, Italy.  This book was widely reported on by the British press but was rather unknown outside of Great Britain.  Professor Bartocci has since issued a clarification on his book which makes the De Pretto connection to the famous formula more murky.

Sadly, some other websites, of which I have NO CONNECTION and which I DENOUNCE, have re-posted this simple book review and have made comments that I think are, in my view, invidiously prejudicial and highly offensive against Albert Einstein and his ethnic background.

Again, I have NO CONNECTION WHATSOEVER to any such website/websites and I object to my review being posted on those websites.  Indeed, I have found such website horrible and highly objectionable.

 For the record, I am a strong supporter of the country of Israel and I admire Albert Einstein enormously.  I merely wanted to cast light on where his ideas may have originated and I was taken with this book. Since the book was written in the Italian language,  I thought that the book should receive more attention among English speaking people.  Albert Einstein had a strong affinity for Italy. He could  read and speak Italian as "The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein" show; Einstein occasionally published reviews of articles he read in Italian physics journals which demonstrate his extraordinary strong command of the Italian language. Indeed, Einstein's father is buried in Milan.  My point was only to review a book by Professor Bartocci that made these Italian connections explicit and possibly shed some light as to the origin of the famous "E=mc2" formula.  Since his book's publication, Professor Bartocci has backed off a bit regarding whether De Pretto can truly be a precursor to Einstein.  Hence, my book review is dated and, perhaps, obsolete, given new information from Professor Bartocci.

What is terrible, terrible, terrible, is that some strange websites, which I abhor, would re-post my simple book review of a fairly obscure Italian book (written in Italian) and make scurrilous comments about Einstein.  I have no connection to such websites.  I find them completely and utterly horrendous.  Sadly, I cannot control what gets re-posted on the Internet and by whom.  Again, I admire the genius Albert Einstein enormously,-- indeed, I am truly in awe -- especially now that new information has come to light from Professor Bartocci demonstrating Einstein's preeminence in physics.
Michael Falotico

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